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Culture news, 09.06.2004 14:01

Response to summer open airs

Response to summer open airs From June 4 DJs from 'Broken ideas & Fantastic smile' are presenting a series of parties "Close Air" which will take place in the "Deep Sound" on the night from Friday to Saturday on June 4, 18 and 25. Broken ideas & Fantastic smile are remarkable for their unusual parties and sudden performances in the middle of the dancehall. The guys often try to get out of the ordinary frames and present the club and the party in a quite different state, create the mood of the party and have a real fun.

In March 2004 a new underground club "Deep Sound" opened in the former club FRONT. In contrast to its forerunner there is a milder microclimate and positive atmosphere. Four days a week, from Thursday to Sunday (from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.) DEEP SOUND is open for assosiation and free from conventions.

Sub Cultural Center "Animals" will soon open in the "Deep Sound" club the following projects: programme CinemaShelter (together with the "Lumier brothers" shop). Daily showing of films divided into four cycles will become cinema-opposition to the Hollywood mainstream ruling over the city. The cycles represent new intricate forms which are doubtless cinema vaccination and disinfections if to look at. The screenings start at 6 p.m.

Arteria: two of four halls of the club will be used as exhibition space to show the public that modern art which does not pay off but exists, does not interest art scientists but is interesting for the public.

Creative parties (together with Text-Studio). A series of seven parties representing a manual of mythology. Myth stories are played out in a special place where all the things are actors. Texts, the programme, background music collections, video, slides, design, and menu all this sets a new definition of space and time. The game conditions are sense of humour and applied imagination.

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