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Culture news, 10.06.2004 13:15

Jazzamor in Jet Set club

Jazzamor in Jet Set club Their music is called "open and clear, balancing between jazz, lounge and love". On June 19 jazz duet Jazzamor from Frankfurt will give an only concert in Jet Set club.

Roland Grosh has chosen a new style for his teamís sound. All technical tricks were brought to minimum, only the piano, bossa-nova guitar, percussion, drums and a mild sensitive vocal of Bettina Mishke are only left. Melodies that are easy to listen to, simple words framed in playful sounds Ė it is not jazz it is Jazzamor.

The band was founded in 2001 and a year later Roland and Bettina launched their first famous album Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Blue flame, 2002). It tells about children dreams, about what sometimes happens and even about flights to the Moon.

It is a mix of a passionate bossa-nova, nu-jazz, classic and a covering lounge. Its compositions appeared in the best compilations of Brazilectro Vol. 5 and Womenís World Voices Vol. 4. writes about the album: "... it is music that you have long been seeking for but nowhere found: melodic but not monotonous, relaxing but not boring, rhythmic but not obtrusive, modern but not out-of-body, classic but not addicted to the past".

In 2004 a new album "A Piece Of My Heart" will be released. Twelve tracks and remixes of "Ainít No Sunshine" by Bill Wither and "Space Cowboy" by Jamiroqua brightly demonstrate the evolution of Jazzamorís sound since 2002. Besides English and Portuguese, the disk includes French and German speech.

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