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Culture news, 03.12.2004 15:53

It's cheaper in Russia

Ballet Internationale's Eldar Aliev Ballet Internationale's Eldar Aliev is looking ahead to spring.

Aliev boarded a plane this week for St. Petersburg, Russia, where he intends to check details on sets and costumes for the company's production of "Le Corsaire," which will open April 22 at Murat Centre.

The ballet director said he has new sets and costumes built in Russia, because it costs a six-figure amount to build a new production, and he figures he saves 50 percent by working with a shop he knows in St. Petersburg.

Aliev said it's vital for him and scenic designer Simon Pastukh to check sets and costumes in Russia, because it's easier to touch up details there, before the stage goods are shipped. They must be loaded onto a ship by Dec. 15 to assure that they will clear security and customs, then arrive in Indiana by early March.

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