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Culture news, 08.12.2004 18:07

St. Petersburg to Host Martial-Arts Event

Martial-arts St. Petersburg Dynamo stadium is to host the Golden Belt Cup martial-arts event December 4-5. These competitions are to involve more than 100 athletes from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland and Sweden.

Talking to RIA Novosti, organizational committee officials noted that the event would involve inter-style full-contact bouts (bujin), bouts between pairs (enbu), martial-arts bouts between armed pairs (enbu kobudo), individual martial-arts techniques (kobudo) and fast sword-drawing techniques (yaido).

A seminar will also be held within this event's framework, involving Jan Eric Carlsson (eighth dan), who founded a jiu-jitsu school, Yury Fedorov, USSR master of sports (sambo, sixth dan in judo), as well as other martial-arts experts.

The competitions are sponsored by the Eurasian martial-arts organization.

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