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Culture news, 12.01.2005 14:58

We Draw in the Hermitage

We Draw in the Hermitage On 25 December 2004 an exhibition of drawings from the Drawing Studio of the State Hermitage School Center was festively opened in the foyer of the Hermitage Theatre.

The exhibition is a creative summary of the work performed in the studio over the course of the past academic year. Courses in the Hermitage allow a young artist to lay down the foundations of knowledge in the fine arts, to acquire experience in direct dialogue with art, and to learn how to think creatively and develop his or her capabilities of expressing things in images.

We try to ensure that everything which the children learn in the museum about fine arts is put to use in their own creative work and is reflected in their drawings after passing through the prism of their own understanding of the subject matter - based on personal experience acquired during the courses.

In an open and accessible manner, we provide each child with information about the methods used in the fine arts, and then it is up to each one to make use of this knowledge as best he or she can in keeping with a personal yearning for creativity, for tales, and for games. Much depends on each child's feelings and demonstration of imagination in drawing.

The exhibition is like a mirror which reflects all that the child is thinking about, his knowledge and fantasy. We find here drawings about the Hermitage, its history and life, about our splendid city, about the humdrum and the amazing, about whatever our young contemporary sees, dreams about, and imagines.

The Great Hermitage is so called both because of its size and because of its importance. This great institution works to achieve its most important goal, which is the upbringing of cultivated and artistically developed personalities.

The works on show were done during the 2003-2004 academic year. The director of the Drawing Studio is B. K. Kravchunas.

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