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Culture news, 14.02.2005 18:45

Great poet commemorated in St.Petersburg

Great poet commemorated in St.Petersburg A gathering to commemorate the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin is annually held on February 10 on 12 Moika street in St. Petersburg, reports the web site

Alexander Pushkin was brought here after the fatal duel with D'Anthes and died at 14.45 on February 10 (January 29, old style).

In 1925 Pushkin's apartment was turned into a museum and the first exposition was opened. After that, the tradition to commemorate the poet on 12 Moika street began.

Literature and art figures and representatives of the St. Petersburg administration attended the today's ceremony. Well-known artists recited Pushkin's verses.

At 14.45 all visitors observed a minute of silence.

In winter 1836 Pushkin's enemies and enviers disseminated slander that the poet's wife Natalia had a love affair with her admirer Baron D'Anthes. To defend his wife's honor Pushkin addressed a challenge to D'Anthes. On February 8 (January 27, old style) the poet was mortally wounded and died two days later.

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