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Culture news, 17.02.2005 19:20

Wols' Works Exhibited in St.Petersburg

Wols From February 24 to March 20 the new exposition hall of the City Sculpture Museum, St. Petersburg, will be hosting an exhibition of the works by a vivid representative of abstract impressionism, official photographer of the World Exhibition in Paris Wols (1913-1951) entitled "Wols. Photographs, Water-colors, Prints", reports the web site

The artist left Germany in 1933 and never returned to his motherland. From 1933 he worked in France and Spain.

In 1937 he received a serious order - photographs of the World Exhibition in Paris.

Wols' photographs of the 1930s combine realism and surrealistic innovations. Genre pictures, portraits and absurd still-lives are typical of this period of his work.

When World War II broke out Wols was interned.

Till the end of the war he was creating water-colors and engravings, illustrations to Sartre's and Kafka's works.

Experiments with new techniques are typical of Wols' creative activity. For instance, he made small grooves on the coating and filled them with diluted paints.

Wols used to say that man is the worst creature existing on the Earth.

Images of windmills and sailing ships are typical of Wols' pictures. These are symbols of man's dependence on nature. Many aspects of modern society were alien to him. He tried to find guidelines in nature, drew and photographed skeletons of animals and plants and never gave names to his works.

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