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Culture news, 09.12.2005 16:14

An eclectic fairytale

sainkho_namtchylak Sainkho Namtchylak, the Tuva-born, Vienna-based vocalist, who started out as a folk singer, but later encompassed avant-jazz, rock and electronic music influences in her act, seems to return to her ethnic roots with a new release.

Her forthcoming CD, “Arjaana,” is a fairytale that Namtchylak wrote in 1983. According to the news release, she wrote it for her small daughter who was taken by her parents to Tuva while Namtchylak was in Moscow, studying traditional music and singing at a music school. It was first published in 1987 in the literary magazine Ulug-Hem, in Tuva.

Recorded in St. Petersburg with a bunch of local rock musicians, and the addition of avant-jazz players Yevelina Petrova on accordion and the Moscow-based saxophonist Sergei Letov, it features Namtchylak’s soft narrative in Russian and music mainly based on old Central Asian traditions.

According to Namtchylak’s web site, the record is intended for children and accompanied with a small book illustrated by the singer herself.

“I only managed to get the chance to blend together my singing , writing and drawings 22 years on. Now I am a grandmother and I am writing poems, music and songs. But that’s another story...” wrote Namtchylak on her web site.

In concert, Namtchylak will be backed by Vladimir Kudryavtsev on double bass, Sholban Mongush of the Tuvan rock band Yat-Kha on igil, Nail Kadyrov on guitars and Alexei Petrov on drums.

Sainkho Namtchylak performs at Estrada Theater on Wednesday. Arjaana is out on ASiA Plus label.

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