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Nikolai Tioply

nikolai_tioply N. Tioply is a member of St.Petersburg Artist's Union of Russia; of St.Petersburg Branch of Professional Creative Artist's Union of the International Federation of Artists (IFA); of Art Critics and Art Historians Association (AIS).

The founder and the director of Forum Art Gallery (St. Petersburg)

N. Tioply`s pictures and drawings are visual proof of the fact theh a non - figurative picture can be filled with logic and sense hardly touching the material world. His quest is persistent and often very fruitful, in his painting there oppears a clot of colour and plastic energy, "a genetic code" allowing in a small canvas to guess a compressed universe, ready to split far away from the picture plane. In his works you can see resolute movement, dissatisfaction and a long - standing, worthy desire to combine the lessons of his brilliant teachers with his own independent vision, with his own plastic world.

Exhibition History: The participant about 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Personal exhibitions:

1990 The Lev Tolstoi Library. St.Petersburg.

1993 Forum Art Gallery. St.Petersburg.

1995 Tsarskoselskaya Kollektsiya Modern Art Museum. Pushkin-town. The City Sculpture Museum. St.Petersburg.

1997 Forum Art Gallery. St.Petersburg. Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Madrid. Spain.

1998. Forum Art Gallery. St.Petersburg. Olshtyn Franch-Polisch Center. Olshtyn. Poland. Artist Book Museum. Lodz. Poland.

2001 NAIV Art Gallery, St.Petersburg. The Exhibition under Project Abstaction in Russia - XX century of The State Russian Museum.

2002 Consulate-General of the Russian Federatuon. Gotheburg. Sweden.

Main exhibitions:

1989 From Unoficial Art to Perestroika. Lenexpo Exhibition Area. St.Petersburg.

1992 Art-Contact International Exhibition. Central Exhibition Hall (Manez). St.Petersburg.

1996 From Avant-Garde to Our Days International Exhibition. Exhibition Hall St.Petersburg Artist's Union.

1996 Post-Glasnost: Contemporary Art from St.Petersburg. Purdue University Galleries. West Lafayette. USA.

1996 Dialogues about Space. Anna Akhmatova Museum. St.Petersburg.

1997 Chudnovsky's Collektion. The Purple Gallery. New-York. USA.

1998 4-th Wexford Artists Book. Ireland. England.

1999 Post-Contemporary Art Festival. Table Gallery. New-York. USA.

5-th Wexford Artists Book, Ireland. England, Walls.

2000 6-th Wexford Artists Book. Ireland. England.

2001 N. and R. Blagodatov's Collektion. Non-Conformist Art Museum. St.Petersburg.

Abstraktion in Russia. XX-th Century. The State Russian Museum. St.Petersburg.

7-th Wexford Artists Book. Ireland. England.

2002 Author Book in St.Petersburg of Second Half 20-th Century, The National Library of Russia. St.Petersburg.

The First Biennale of Graphic Art in St.Petersburg. Exhibition Hall St.Petersburg Artist's Union.

2003 "85 years of The St.Petersburg Creativ Union of Artists". Central Exhibition Hall (Manez). St.Petersburg.

2003 3-rd Novosibirsk International Graphics Exhibition. Novosibirsk Art Gallery.

Collections: N. Tioply`s works can be found in The State Russian Museum, The National Library of Russia, The Tomsk Art Museum, The Novosibirsk Art Gallery and in private collection in Russia (G. and F.Chudnovsky, S.Laskin, N.Blagodatov), Germany, USA, England, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

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