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Culture news, 10.03.2006 12:09

Crown calling

mrs_world_2006 The moon or the modelling world, she has conquered spaces once considered out of bounds for her. She is the meticulous homemaker, the devoted mother, the caring wife, too. She is the married modern woman playing all these roles to perfection. And one of them will be crowned Mrs India World 2006.

The Calcutta audition of this much-coveted title was hosted at Tantra on Thursday, just after International Women’s Day. The star-studded jury included model-turned-grooming expert Noyonika Chatterjee, actress Aditi Govitrikar, brand ambassador for Mrs India 2006, designers Anamika Khanna, fashion guru Prasad Bidappa and singer Usha Uthup.

But yet again, the Calcutta model woman was a disappointment. Till about 3 pm, hardly eight participants had turned up for the auditions. “Not too many people want to venture into fields other than academics here. Perhaps some more exposure and awareness will produce more talent in modelling,” Noyonika tried to reason. “But then, it’s the quality that matters...”

On the quality count, Aditi, at least, seemed quite impressed. “The participants have good skin and there is great potential,” smiled the first Mrs World. “At least three participants from Calcutta should make it to the finals.”

The auditions judged the contestants on the basis of three rounds — catwalk, Q&A, talent. Physical attributes, communication skills and over-all personality were also taken into account. The height requirement was a minimum of 5 ft 5 inches. But there was no age limit. “Women today look beautiful even at the age of 40. We are looking at an individual who can balance her home and profession with equal confidence. One might not be perfect in every aspect, but it is the eagerness that counts,” stressed Noyonika.

Auditions in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh will follow. Twenty-four women will make it to the finals to be held in Mumbai on March 25. Mrs India World will make it to the Mrs World 2006 contest on April 23 at St Petersburg, Russia.

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