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Culture news, 16.08.2006 14:25

Works by a Blind Artist on Display in St. Petersburg

art Artist goes blind but does not stop creating… Outstanding works by Denis Donchenko enjoy unfading popularity among art lovers.

Paintings by Denis Donchenko have long gone to various corners of the world, the artists himself and his friends keeping only several canvasses left. Earlier he used to paint oil on canvass, in quite a realistic manner. When diabetes complications made his eyesight fail him, the artist resorted to creating electroplate figurines of people and animals like old brass statuettes.

The artist is forty one now. His daughter already exhibits her own works: she is in for graphic arts. Denis is invited even to some night clubs: to impart culture to the youth.

Denis Donchenko's personal exhibition runs from 15 to 21 August in Borei Gallery, St. Petersburg.

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