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Culture news, 31.10.2006 11:48

Head of Petersburg Jewish community put on Public Chamber

jewish_community Chairman of St Petersburg Jewish religious community Mark Grubarg joined the Public Chamber at the Russian president.

Grubarg was put on the subcommittee for public monitoring of the activity of law enforcement bodies, power-wielding structures and the implementation of the judicial reform, Itar-Tass learned from St Petersburg Jewish community on Monday. Grubarg will receive persons on these matters regardless of their nationality and religious creed.

The Public Chamber, formed in late 2006, monitors the activity of the Russian government and bodies of power and the observance of the freedom of speech in the media. There are representatives of virtually all strata of society in its composition. The president named 42 persons as members of the Chamber for special services to the state, and other members of the Chamber were elected or delegated to it from public organizations.

The Public Chamber includes people of the main religious confessions. The Russian Orthodox Church delegated to the Public Chamber Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga and Borovsk and Bishop Vladimir of Saratov and Volsk; chief of muftis of the Russian Federation Ravil Gainutdin represents Russian Muslims on the Chamber; chief rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar represents Judaists and head of the traditional sangha of Russia Damba Ayushev represents Buddhists.

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