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Culture news, 14.11.2006 11:22

Green Vision Festival in St. Petersburg

Rodina cinema theatre The 11th International Environmental Film Festival Green Vision started yesterday, November 13, in St. Petersburg.

43 films about relations of man and nature will be demonstrated at the festival. Film-directors from Canada, Israel, Scotland, India, Germany, and other countries will present their films. There will be lot of Russian films as well. The festival has no genre limits, and even an animated cartoon can become the winner. Traditionally the program involves animated cartoons from Estonia and educational films from Germany.

According to the festival organizers, including the committee on nature management and environmental protection the films selected for the festival tell not only about wild nature, but also about the exploitation of protected areas, about relations of economical and ecological components in development of society and about what dwellers can do themselves for preservation of environment.

In the framework of Green Vision 2006 a retrospective of Yuri Krymov's films will be held. Finnish film-director Petteri Saario will give a workshop at the festival.

The winner of Green Vision 2006 will be chosen on the last day of the festival, November 17.

Admission to the festival film shows is traditionally free.

Address: Rodina cinema theatre, 12, Karavannaya Str., St. Petersburg

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