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Culture news, 22.11.2006 15:58

Monument to Academician Likhachov to Be Set Up in St. Petersburg

Likhachov The monument to the famous Russian scholar Dmitry Likhachov will be unveiled in St. Petersburg on November 28 to mark the 100th jubilee of the academician.

Dmitry Sergeyevich Likhachov (also Likhachyov, or Likhachev) (1906-1999) is an outstanding philologist, the author of over 500 research works and articles, one of the founders of the Petersburg textology school for Old Russian literature and language studies. He is also an honorary citizen of St. Petersburg.

The bronze bust of Likhachov sculptured by Grigory Yastrebenetsky will be set up in the Glory Alley on the crossroads of Fuchik and Bukharestskaya streets.

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