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Culture news, 29.11.2006 12:35

Tatiana Nazarenko Exhibition in the State Russian Museum

Tatiana Nazarenko. Late evening The exhibition presents the works of Tatyana Nazarenko, one of the brightest and most expressive artists of the turn of the 20th-21st centuries. The artist's oeuvre reflects the realisation of the most important tendencies of modern realistic art, which, in their turn, have constantly provoked her to look for some new expressive means. From the mid-1970s her art excites both the viewers and the critics thus granting the right to call Nazarenko the most original artist of contemporaneity.

The intellectual and spiritual quests of Tatyana Nazarenko have found their peculiar reflection in the works of historical genre including the theme of historical memory. In the 1990s the new language of artistic comprehension of contemporaneity brought to life the key work of the period the Transition installation. The main characters are the people drawn into the maelstrom of perestroika - tramps, beggars, strolling musicians and street vendors. The history has already become our reality.

Though the exhibition is not a retrospective show it presents different periods of Nazarenko's creative path unified by the major theme - the History of our Society.

The exhibition comprises works from the artistīs studio as well as works from the collections of the main Moscow and St Petersburg museums including the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow Evening (1978) and Decembrists. Rebellion of the Chernigov Regiment (1978)), State Russian Museum, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Arbat Prestige Company. The Alexander Suvorov State Memorial Museum presents one of the versions of Alexander Suvorov painting.

The exhibition will end on December 18, 2006.

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