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Culture news, 21.12.2006 21:50

St Petersburg, Russia to host G8 for Santas

Ded Moroz Eight different versions of Santa Claus from around the world are to meet in Russia for a special Xmas G8.

Britain's Father Christmas is to meet colleagues such as Russia's Ded Moroz, or Father Frost, Finland's Joulupukki, France's Perre Noel, and the German Weihnachtsmann.

Lev Levinson, the man behind the Xmas G8 said: "The international Santas will promote world peace by showing Russian children that while each country is so different, deep down it is also very similar.

"We had the G8 here in St. Petersburg already but this Christmas version will mean a lot more to most people."

The Santas will be meeting on December 31 as they are too busy in their respective countries to come on Christmas Day.

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