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Culture news, 11.01.2007 16:41

We Draw in the Hermitage

hermitage Cinderella, Picture of Stasya Ushakova, 5 years old

23 December 2006 - 28 January 2007

The exhibition entitled We Draw in the Hermitage is a creative report on work in the studio over the past academic year. Classes in the Hermitage give young artists an opportunity to lay the foundations of knowledge about fine art, to acquire experience in dealing with it, to learn how to think creatively and to develop abilities of representing things pictorially. We aim to ensure that everything the children learn within the museum about fine art is implemented in their creative work, in their drawings indirectly, through the prism of their personal understanding of a theme, on the bais of their own experience and experience acquired in their studies. In an accessible manner, we give each child knowledge about the fine arts milieu and he, according to his own striving for creativity, tales, play, uses this knowledge, and also his own feelings, fantasy and imagination in drawings.

Like a mirror, the exhibition reflects everything that the child thinks about and experiences, his knowledge and fantasy. Here we find drawings about the Hermitage, its history and life, about our splendid city, about everyday and amazing things, about what our young contemporary sees, dreams and imagines.

The Hermitage is great in importance and dimensions, and it helps us achieve our goal of raising a cultivated and artistically developed personality!

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