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Russia: Making Connections

making_connections Impelled by threats of another Cold War, "Russia: Making Connections" offers scholars, specialists and students a first-hand glimpse, in Russia, of the opulent Russian Imperial Style and the toll wrought, by World War II, on imperial palaces and other cultural treasures.

Riverside, CT. March 30, 2007. "Russia: Making Connections" (RMC), announces its programs for summer 2007, “Pavlovsk: The Life of An Imperial Palace – Yesterday & Today”, August 5-13, in St. Petersburg, Russia, complemented by “Moscow: The Heart of Russia”, August 13-17, in the Capital. In close collaboration with Russian organizations and experts, participants will go behind-the-scenes to examine Russian arts and architecture.

In St. Petersburg, activities will be conducted in gracious and bucolic settings – within five of the area’s imperial palaces and parks. In Moscow the schedule will include historic sites and museums. “We want to help participants ‘make connections’ – to learn more about Russia’s history, its dynasties, its arts and its architecture. We also hope they will come away with an understanding of the horrific impact of war on all cultural treasures, world-wide,” says Dr. Constantine Kallaur, co-director of Russia: Making Connections.

Activities will be designed around Pavlovsk Palace, reputedly one of the most beautiful of all St. Petersburg’s imperial residences. The “life” of this palace began in 1777 as home to Paul I, son of Catherine the Great, and was nearly ended during World War II by Hitler’s army. Sessions will be conducted by Chief Curator, Dr. Aleksei Guzanov, his curatorial staff and experts. In keeping with the program’s theme, accommodations for participants will be provided in eye-popping splendor within the palace of Prince V.P. Kochubey, advisor to Tsar Alexander I and master of ceremonies at the Russian Imperial Court.

The founders of "Russia: Making Connections" care deeply about Russia, within which they have traveled and studied extensively, and they are committed to helping Americans “making connections” with “real” Russian people and their astounding country.


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