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Set Off On A Hyena Safari With Messer Chups

messer_chups The evolution of St. Petersburg, Russia's Messer Chups continues with their latest album, Hyena Safari.

The group's first recordings were made entirely on computer and consisted of sound collages using samples from obscure surf, lounge and soundtrack albums mixed with dialogue from old Russian horror movies. They added organ, synthesizers, guitars and theremin to their sampling on subsequent records made with Lydia Kavina, the grand-niece of theremin inventor Leon Theremin. But the group's latest incarnation is comprised of Oleg Gitarkin on guitars and Zombie Girl on bass, playing music influenced by such classic surf acts as Dick Dale and The Ventures.

The new record's "Popcorno," "Charade," "Night Of Open Coffins" and "Inferno Image" can be heard on Messer Chups' MySpace page. The multimedia album also features five music videos.

Hyena Safari is Messer Chups' debut for AeroCCCP Recordings, a New York City-based label specializing in Russian artists. The group's previous album, 2005's Crazy Price, was released by Mike Patton's Ipecac Recordings.

Gitarkin's other group, Messer Fur Frau, is also signed to AeroCCCP. The musician is also known in Russia for scoring television shows, commercials and circus performances.

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