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Spa conference ‘Spa Business: the Path to Success’, May 22-23

spa N.I.C.E./Ideal Beauty is one of the largest annual events among Russia's Beauty Industry exhibitions. From year to year N.I.C.E./Ideal Beauty exhibition has more exhibitors and more advanced technologies and break-through equipment to demonstrate to its visitors than any other exhibition.

Taking place at the largest Exhibition Centre in St.Petersburg ('Lenexpo') during White Nights the most beautiful time of year in St. Petersburg, and also the height of its tourist season the exhibition attracts thousands of visitors from all over Russia, as well as many European countries.

This year's N.I.C.E./Ideal Beauty exhibition will also be host to St. Petersburg Spa Salon 2007 the first international spa event in the region which will include both an exclusive spa & wellness exhibition zone and an international spa conference.

The main goal of the exhibition and conference is to highlight the prospects for business development in the international spa and wellness sector as well as modern spa industry trends.

Conference delegates will include specialists in the spa, health and beauty industries, hoteliers and perspective investors looking at spa business opportunities in Russia. The event will also be open to everybody who is interested in the development of modern, state-of-the-art spa technologies in Russia.

Delegates will come from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia, Ukraine, Baltic Countries, Finland and other countries.

For the first time the exhibition spa zone will provide Russian specialists with a range of business solutions in the spa and wellness industry from leading international companies specialised in spa consultancy, architecture and design of spa and wellness centres, cosmetic products and specialized equipment.

Visitors will be able to view and experience innovative equipment and the latest technologies. This approach for demonstrating cutting-edge equipment and technologies will give visitors the opportunity to develop numerous business ideas for their own spa creations.

Spa conference "Spa Business: the Path to Success" (22-23 May): Spa and wellness experts from across Europe and Russia will be speaking at the two-day conference. The first day will be dedicated primarily to modern trends in spa industry growth, management and marketing, spa consulting topics, as well as investment attractiveness in spa enterprises.

The second day will be devoted to different panel discussions, education and training issues, the medi-spa trend as well as presentations on innovative spa and wellness concepts.

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