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Culture news, 22.02.2008 10:29

Seminar Prepares S. Petersburg Jewish Youth

As part of ongoing activities encouraging Jewish youth to uphold their national traditions, the Jewish community of S. Petersburg and the Great Choral Synagogue held a seminar on the outskirts of Russia's northern capital. This event involved youngsters, who will soon be experiencing their coming-of-age, as well as their parents. Held in the nearby town of Repino, participants eagerly prepared for their Bar and Bat Mitzva.

During the first evening of the weekend retreat, just after the Shabbat meal, participants discussed a number of themes, among which were the 'law of honor', the importance of studying the Torah, raising children and maintaining Jewish family values and traditions. The youngsters were guided by several Chabad Lubavitch emissaries, including Rabbi Zvi Pinsky, the Head of the 'Beit Chabad' Community Center

Following this seminar, the next stage of preparations towards participants will involve weekly sessions each Sunday, which will wrap up in May. The youngsters' Bat and Bar Mitzva ceremonies will take place at that time in great Jewish communal tradition.

The Jewish community of S. Petersburg is a leading member of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia.

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