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Culture news, 05.03.2008 10:09

Monument to Alexander II Open in Petersburg

A monument to the Emperor of Russia Alexander II has been unveiled in the yard of the Saint Petersburg State University decorated with the state flags of Russia on the occasion.

The bronze composition by sculptor Pavel Shevchenko depicts one of the tragic moments of the Russian history, namely the attempt on life of Alexander II that was implemented on March 1, 1881 in the old style. On that day some members of the "Narodnaya Volya" (People's Freedom) union threw a bomb into the tsars carriage, when it was passing along the embankment of the former Catherines Channel. The emperor was deadly wounded and died in a few hours.

It is a copy of the tsars deathmask that makes the focal point of the sculpture. The monument has been set up in the yard of the Philology Faculty of the Saint Petersburg State University.

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