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Culture news, 05.11.2008 23:52

Photo Marathon Dedicated to Love

love An unusual photo marathon has just taken place in St. Petersburg, as part of the city's ongoing project, "Symbols of Love." The organisers of the competition invited both photography professionals and amateurs alike to capture the city's romantic soul within a three-hour period. The winning entries will be displayed on city taxis and public transport.

"The aim of the marathon is to remind people about love love for other people, love for the world! In this modern technological age, the concept of love usually takes a back seat, which is a shame given what a wonderful thing it is", the organisers of the Marathon explained.

Participants were given three hours to digitally capture what love means to them. The marathon guidelines stress the diversity of this concept, mentioning romantic love, parental love, familial love and love for the world. The only rule was that all photos were to be taken on a digital or mobile camera.

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