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Culture news, 07.11.2008 20:55

Independent Film Festival Opens in Petersburg

The eleventh international independent film festival, "Debaucher Kino Pure Dreams" opens in the Leningrad Palace of Youth.

The festival will host an extensive catalogue of events, including screenings of films by old-masters and novices alike, round table discussions with insiders from the film industry, exhibitions, art installations, live music and drama performances.

The festival will also host a competition in which six films will take part. Among the films up for judgement are "Punishment" by Kazakh director Janna Izabaeva, 'Kaleidoscope' by Russian director Olga Darfa and 'Ex-Drummer', by Belgian director Koen Mortier.

The Estonian director, has entered his film 'Autumn Ball', which won first prize at September's 'Kino shock' festival in Antapa. An American entry, 'Wristcutters: A love story', shot by Croatian director Goran Dukic, received a special mention at the Sun Dance festival. The last film is 'Iron Road', another Russian entry, directed by Alexei Fedorchenko, who also directed the internationally acclaimed mockumentary 'First on the Moon'

Further highlights of the festival will be retrospectives of films by Luis Bunuel and Roman Polanski, two of the greatest directors of the twentieth Century and an expose of international films by Finnish, Iranian and Armenian directors.

The festival will close on 9th November with a showing of 'Wolf', a Russo-Hungarian collaboration directed by Tomas Tot and Aleksandr Bashirov.

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