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Culture news, 11.02.2009 16:32

«Afghanistan 1979-1989»

Afghanistan St. Petersburg will learn about the "white spots" of war in Afghanistan

The exhibition "Afghanistan. 1979-1989 years." continued Exhibition Project KGB: people, fate, offensives”. The "starting February 12 at a branch of the Museum of Political History" Gorokhovaya, 2 ", - told the St." in the press Service of Museum.

February 12, branch of the Museum of Political History «Gorokhovaya 2» presents the exhibition «Afghanistan 1979-1989»

As described in the press service, the museum staff is trying to show both known and hidden sides of the Afghan war, which became one of the major shocks to the collapse of the Soviet Union. "Undeclared war, which lasted for 9 years, 1 month and 19 days - the largest military conflict, after the Great Patriotic War with the Soviet soldiers. Exhibition puts one of its purposes to show that the rate on the force as a means of achieving political goals, often does not justify expectations ", - said the press service.

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