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Culture news, 16.06.2009 14:39

Masterpieces of Russian classical music will sound on the scene of Capella

capella The concert, consisted of Russian classical music masterpieces, will be held June 20 at the Capellal of St. Petersburg.

Under the management of the Alexander Chernushenko in the performance of the Capella's Symphony Orchestra will sound "Aragonese hota" overture of Glinka, Scriabin Piano Concerto and Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony.

in the fashion of the beginning of the XIX century Mikhail Glinka was fond of South exoticism. Many Russian artists - poets, painters and musicians - include the mountains of Caucasus, the steppes of Moldavia, colorful landscapes and paintings of everyday life in Italy and Spain. It was not just a tribute to the romantic style, but the impulse to the whole "unwashed Russia, a country of slaves, the country gentlemen" was deprived of. Perhaps, wishing to enjoy the joyful scenes, long traveled to Italy and Spain Glinka were writing simple folk tunes. One of them formed the basis of his famous "Aragonese hota" Overture.

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