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Culture news, 18.01.2010 18:36

Russia's Medvedev fetches $1.7 million for photo at fundraiser

Russia's Medvedev fetches $1.7 million for photo at fundraiser Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's photograph of the Tobol Kremlin in Siberia fetched 51 million rubles ($1.7 million) at a fundraising auction on Saturday.

Medvedev, who is an avid photographer, took the black and white photo of the fortress from the air during one of his helicopter trips in Siberia.

The annual Christmas Letter event in St. Petersburg, usually features hand-painted scenes by famous politicians and celebrities. Each artist is assigned a letter from the Russian alphabet which he or she uses in creating a masterpiece that is later sold at the fundraiser. Money from the sales of the works is directed to a children's hospital, alcohol rehabilitation center and WWII veterans.

This year the theme of the fundraising event was the 300-year anniversary of the Tsar Village near St. Petersburg.

This year's auctions brought in a record amount of 81 million rubles ($2.74 million) over last year's of $2.37 million.

Last year Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin put his picture of a frosted window winter scene on sale at the fundraiser and fetched $1.1 million.

The governor of St. Petersburg, Valentina Matvienko, raised $440,000 for her painting called Marble Bridge.

News source: RIA Novosti

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