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Culture news, 08.06.2010 16:54

First Private Museum of Modern Art Opens in Petersburg

First Private Museum of Modern Art Opens in Petersburg The exposition is based on a collection of Soviet informal and Russian modern art collected by the patron of art Aslan Chekhoyev. Among the exhibits there are works by classics of informal art, such as Oscar Rabin, Leo Kropivnitsky, Lidiya Masterkova, Vladimir Nemukhin, Mikhail Shvartsman, Dmitrii Krasnopevtsev, Vladimir Weisberg, and Viktor Pivovarov, as well as members of the Gazonevsky movement and the New Artists art group. The museum’s Sots-Art department is proud of the work Yalta Conference: the Judgment of Paris by Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid.

In addition to the museum’s constant exposition there will open an exhibition of the late Petersburg nonconformist artist Evgeny Mikhnov-Voitenko in autumn. His monographic collection is presently kept at Chekhoyev’s. The New Museum plans to arrange lectures and round tables, and also to open an art studio and an art club for children.

News source: Russia-InfoCentre

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