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Culture news, 10.06.2010 17:10

St. Petersburg to host 2nd European conference COINS-2010

St. Petersburg to host 2nd European conference COINS-2010 On June 9 and 10, the Second European conference on commemorative coins COINS-2010 will be held in St. Petersburg. Among the participants the mints of Russia, Great Britain, Canada, Austria, Hong Kong, Spain and other countries.

At the conference in St. Petersburg the experts will discuss the latest technologies in coinage, main trends in coin design, coins marketing and advertising, the current situation in numismatics and equipment for coins production.

Traditionally the awarding ceremony of the 4th International commemorative coins contest "Coin Constellation-2010" will take place during the conference and the Coin of the Year will be chosen. In total 209 coins from 24 countries will take part in the contest. We hear from Valery Presnyakov, head of the Water Mark publishing house, which is the conference's organizer:

"Among the challengers at the coming contests we have the Russian golden coin which is called the History of money circulation in Russia. Its face value is 25,000 rubles and it was coined by the Moscow mint. I would also name a 200 euro coin produced by the Paris mint with the use of a unique technology. Among other interesting coins we have the Christmas Tree Coin issued by the Latvian Bank, and the coin dedicated to the International Year of Astronomy by the National Bank of Ukraine. The modern commemorative coins mark numerous events. For example, Canada is famous for its silver coins which mark sportive events. The Australian mint is producing silver coins which are in great demand among Russian numismatists. Especially for Russia the Australian mint produced a coin dedicated to Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson."

"All over the world numismatists appreciate the original design and high quality of minting," Presnyakov says. "Last year we had a coin from Lichtenstein. It was a triangle coin of excellent quality. There are also coins with diamond inlaid work and some coins contain colorful inlays. For the production of such coins the latest technologies in coinage are used."

He continues: "In Russia the Central Bank is the issuer of commemorative coins. On the bank's website numismatist can learn what commemorative coins are to be issued during the year. In Russia the market of coins is regulated otherwise than in Europe. It is easy to bring coins from abroad but it is difficult to take them out of the country. That is why, there are less numismatists in Russia than in Germany, for example. Our conference will give an opportunity to the numismatists to get familiar with the wide range of modern foreign coins and to buy some of them. At the same time foreign coin sellers will be able to learn about the preferences of Russian numismatists."

News source: The Voice of Russia

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