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A Wedding in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) for Madonna & Jesus

Madonna & Jesus

There have long been rumors that Madonna would marry her boyfriend Jesus Luz. Now there seems to be some validity to the story. News outlets are starting to talk about the actual location of the upcoming nuptials for Madonna.

Madonna, still rocking at age 52, is planning a new adventure in her life. The word is out that Madonna will marry her live-in boyfriend, Jesus Luz, in Russia. Madonna is age 52 and Jesus is three decades younger.

Constantine Palace: Saint Petersburg, Russia

The wedding ceremony is slated to take place at the Constantine Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia, notes Prime Time Russia. The palace was built in the 1750s. It was later almost demolished during WWII. In 2000, the Constantine Palace was restored to a place of elegance and grandeur.

This palace is a fit setting for the diva of pop. Madonna likes to put on a big show. I am sure her wedding to Jesus will be no exception. It will surely be a spectacle of excess and rock style glamour.

What Style Wedding for Madonna?

It will be fascinating indeed to see what style Madonna picks for her wedding to Jesus. Will she be walking down the aisle in white "Like a Virgin" or will she find something less traditional or even racy?

This will be a first wedding for Mr. Luz. Thus Madonna may want to look like a traditional bride for him. Only time will tell if Madonna will shock the world on her wedding day with an outrageous wedding outfit or if she will look like a staid, traditional bride walking down the aisle.

An Unusual Relationship

It is always surprising to see a relationship with a huge age difference. But who understands the mysteries of love? Madonna and Jesus have been together for years. They are a non-traditional couple who are doing what they want.

Jesus always looks happy when he's in pictures with Madonna's kids. They seem quite the joyous family. Best wishes and looking forward to seeing pictures of the wedding extravaganza.

Weddings All Around the World

Thus far Madonna has previously been married twice. She had a wedding in California to Sean Penn and a wedding in England to Guy Ritchie. Now perhaps her next wedding will be in Russia with Jesus

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