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Russian Students Learn About Studying Abroad


Studying abroad is on the cards at the “All the Flags” exhibition in St. Petersburg, in Russia. Held at a library, the event hosted representatives from schools around the world where students can get information about going overseas to study.
[Olga Kosogor, Librarian, Mayakovsky Library]:
"Foreign cultural centers working in St. Petersburg will talk about what their country will offer, what we can learn from them and how you can go to study in these countries."
At the American Corner you can learn about schools in the U.S.
[Xenia Levina, The American Center, Education U.S.A.]:
"You can come to us, look through, choose something interesting and we will help you to decide what to do in order to enter and go there to study."
There are also scholarship and exchange programs.
[Asta Hemelainen, Center of International Programs CIMO, Finland]:
"These are Finnish-Russian exchange programs for students and teachers. They apply to universities in Finland, St. Petersburg and the entire northwest region of Russia. They are one semester or two semester programs in certain specialties.”
Representatives of the Israel Center said that medical degrees from the University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are highly appreciated in Europe. They offer all forms of education from training courses to doctoral theses.
[Unidentified Representative, Cultural Center of Israel]:
"We offer two types of programs. Some programs for people who have Jewish roots, and other programs for foreign students."
The General Consulate of the Republic of Turkey was also there.
[Zaura Yafarova, Representative of the Turkish Consulate General in St. Petersburg]:

"There are a variety of courses, such as Ebru - a national Turkish painting, and Turkish language courses, cooking and needlework courses, and courses that tell about the culture of modern Turkey. We have also Ottoman language courses."
Spanish and Italian language programs are also offered.
[Unidentified Representative, Spanish Cultural Center]:
"Spain is a beautiful country, but in addition, we have very good food and very nice and pleasant people, so we wanted to invite all to our center."

This year's exhibition attracted thirty-two participants.

News source: NTD, St. Petersburg, Russia

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