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Culture news, 24.01.2011 00:49

St. Petersburg guidebook to teach migrants local cultural values


Russia's St. Petersburg Culture Committee has unveiled a guidebook for migrants, non-resident students and tourists to help them adapt to life in the city, the committee's press service said on Wednesday.
The book explains a lot of issues, including landmark events and addresses. It tells readers about the meaning of local words such as "finban" (a Finnish railroad linking Russia and Finland), and "dvor-kolodets" (a courtyard, enclosed by a building, but open to the sky).
The guide's articles also give a potted history of the city, from the celebrated ancient Egyptian Sphinxes on the Universitetskaya Embankment, the history of local trams and the world famous museum, the Hermitage.
"St. Petersburg maintains its status of Russia's cultural capital...but concerning the cultural level of the everyday demeanor, everything is much more complicated," the chairman of the city's Culture Committee, Anton Gubankov, said.

News source: RIA Novosti

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