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The 10th International Music Festival STEREOLETO 2011


The history of STEREOLETO festival includes about 30 events and almost 800 artists from more than 20 countries.
Every summer at the most picturesque scenes of St. Petersburg the Festival presents the actual names of today and introduces the people who will become stars of tomorrow. Two unforgettable nights of STEREOLETO 2011 will take place at the Krestovsky Island on the 25th of June and the 2nd of July. Come to recall the best stereo-moments of the past festivals, look into the future and enjoy the present.

«There are very few places, where the atmosphere allows the music to grow out so well and beautifully as at STEREOLETO”
Oleg Nesterov

“Stereoleto turns St. Petersburg into the centre of Europe”
The St-Petersburg Times

«It is important to come to Stereoleto and listen to the good and very actual music… Stereoleto – is the same symbol of St. Petersburg as Zeniths’s matches and drawbridges”Pulse

«The best Russian summer festival »Rolling Stone

“St. Petersburg festival Stereoleto has become one of the events is obligatory to attend”

«Stereoleto festival has become a bright sign of summer in our land. It is difficult to realize we didn’t have it before. »
Komsomolskaya Pravda

Artists of Stereoleto 2011

StereoPast – 25th of June:
Ilya Lagutenko and KETA – the revelation in IDM style having a magnetic vocalism and the nostalgia for the intellectual electronics of 90s.
Chinawoman – the romance of the modern time, post-punk, disco and something difficult to catch.
Obe Dve – the new example of women lyric from Yekaterinburg. Their lyrics is about love, movement away from the civilization and freedom.
The Soul Surfers – the Detroit’s funk from the Volga’s delta, hard garage sound performed on the vintage instruments.
Club Des Belugas – the German new-jazz, electro swing and a high-quality lounge accompanied by the atmosphere of digitized white and black Hollywood movies.
Zenzile – the best French dub and trip-hop with a guitar post-rock sound.
JAZZ2FUNK – the original music cocktail mixed from new-jazz, funk and disco with a splendid taste and style’s feeling.
Tip Top Tellix – the spectacular dream-pop quartet from Yekaterinburg as if they are from 80-90s.
7he Myriads – the incredible amount of ingredients from spicy thick space-rock with a brand style.

StereoFuture – 2nd of July:
Apparat Band – the real electro-symphonies from Mute deviating toward hip-hop and jazz.
Casiokids – the electro-pop accompanied by the samples from kids’ radio-programs of Norwegian wunderkinds. They sound well as at festivals, as at children’s parties.
Motorama – the hipsters heroes of both capitals from Rostov balancing at the boundary of pop-punk and Scandinavian indie-rock.
Pur:pur – the elegant funk and easy-listening, the real summer music, which sounds perfectly both: in acoustics and electrics.
Architecture in Helsinki – the spoffy electro-pop from the lovers to juggle with stiles from Australia.
Uusi Fantasia – the brand Finish extravagance out of any genre: everybody’s dancing now!
Gender ID – the hundred-per-cent familiar, powerful, getting in the very inside sound accompanied by the enough aggressive but elegant lyrics.
Tinavie – the ironic trip-hop including jazz, ethno and trance – the perfect guide to the club music.

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