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Russia's Trifonov takes Tchaikovsky first prize

Russia's Trifonov takes Tchaikovsky first prize

The 14th International Tchaikovsky Competition reached its conclusion over the weekend, naming the winner of the Grand-Prix at the gala concert in St.Petersburg on July 2nd . The contest’s top prize went to Russian pianist Daniil Trifonov, 20, who had already grabbed the gold medal and a special prize.
This season Daniil Trifonov won silver and a special prize at the 16th Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw and first and three special prizes at the 13th Rubinstein Competition in Tel Aviv.
"I feel happy about taking the Grand-Prix of the Tchaikovsky Competition. It’s highly valued worldwide and opens a myriad of opportunities. At the same time, you feel double responsibility because you have to prove that you are worthy of such a prestigious title at every concert."
Throughout the contest, Daniil Trifonov was a

favourite with the public, the jury and the critics. Moscow critics assessed the pianist as a performer who strikes your imagination with the long forgotten “music culture”, “subtlety and openness”, as if saying that “you’re competing, and I’m revelling in music”.
"Three rounds with five performances put a lot of strain on you, he says. You have to generate new emotional strength every time. I drew strength from listening to Emil Gilels and Vladimir Sofronitsky."
Daniil Trifonov will be touring the world with concerts over the next three years. The Tchaikovsky organizers undertake to introduce the contest’s winner to the global public. But he has already won high acclaim in Germany, Britain, Italy, Netherlands, China, Canada and the US. Foreign critics are equally enthusiastic about his talent. A Polish newspaper dubbed him a “piano magician”. And a Canadian newspaper headline runs “Keep your eyes open – a new big star on horizon”.
Daniil, a graduate of the Moscow Gnesins Music School, is now a student of the Cleveland High School of Music, where he studies in the class of an American professor who graduated from the Moscow Conservatory. As a result, he continues to represent the Russian piano school under the “brand” of the absolute winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition.

News source: Voice of Russia

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