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Culture news, 23.09.2011 00:14

Grooving with tsars: ‘Dancing Matt’ hits St. Petersburg

Internet dancing sensation Matt Harding

Internet dancing sensation Matt Harding, whose memorable videos are charming users all over the world, has arrived in Russia’s northern capital to film another part of his unusual series.
The 31-year-old Australian programmer became famous back in 2005 when his first crazy video went viral on the internet. The recording showed him dancing in a relaxed yet chaotic manner in front of landmarks and street scenes in various international locations, under pouring rain and shining sun, together with people of all nationalities.
St. Petersburg’s residents, too, eagerly joined the dancing guest, who actually did not plan to visit Russia’s northern capital. On the way from Australia to Finland, Harding happened to bump into a couple of Russian bloggers, who talked the adventurer into enjoying the beauty of Peter the Great’s beloved city.
The programmer, though, did not expect that so many people would come to support him.
“The most important thing – don’t worry that you are not dancing right!” Harding told the large crowd that gathered to take part in the filming. “Just smile! I was told that Russians do not smile very much, and I want to prove it’s all wrong.”
The idea of a “dancing” series first came to Harding’s mind out of protest against people’s anger and aggression. For a long time the programmer worked for a video game company that then ordered him to develop the shoot-’em-up called Destroy All Humans. This forced Harding to quit his job, as he did not want to waste two years of his life on a game about killing everyone.
Now Harding spends most of his time traveling and filming, never staying for more than two weeks in one location.
“It’s about feeling connected to other people in the world,” Harding told Russia’s Channel One. “This is very important. The world of modern technology is separating us, so we need to feel that we are together. This is what my dancing is about.”
Since his first success, Harding has published another four videos, all of which were viewed and re-viewed a million times all around the globe.
St. Petersburg’s filming lasted no longer than 30 minutes. Alongside with other pieces, it will hit the internet in about a year, when Harding will finally put all the elements together in a new chef d’oeuvre.
Those who came to St. Petersburg’s Palace Square to participate said they really enjoyed the experience.
“It was great fun. We all felt united, the energy was so huge!” said one the participants

News source: TV-Novosti

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