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Culture news, 11.10.2011 02:05

Hermitage at Prado

the museum of Prado

In the framework of 2011 Hispanic-Russian year, the museum of Prado will soon exhibit from 8 November 2011 to 25 March 2012 part of the collection from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. A large panel of works from the Russian palace-museum is to be represented: archeological objects, decorative arts, painting, sculptures and drawings. The exhibition has the ambition to illustrate the encyclopedic calling and the richness of the Russian collection. The Hermitage is one of the most prestigious museums in the world that possess of exceptional quality and rare pieces.
On the occasion of the exhibition some masterpieces will make the journey from Russia, in particular Saint Sebastian by Titian, The Lute Player by Caravaggio and works by Rembrandt such as The Portrait of a Scholar. The Spanish public will have the opportunity to discover a painting by one of the most famous representatives of their national art, the master of the 17th century Diego Velázquez. The El Almuerwo (The Lunch) from around 1617 is part of the Hermitage’s collection and it is one of the earlier works of the painter. The impressionist and modern artists are also to make the journey, Gauguin, Monet and Cezanne as well as Picasso and Kandinsky. The museum of Saint Petersburg loans some of the star lots of its department of sculpture with the works of Bernini and Antonio Canova. Numerous art objects and drawings are to complete the exhibition.
This “Travelling Hermitage” is to be shown in the gallery of temporary exhibitions of the new extension of the Madrid museum. This exhibitions is the second part of the agreement between the two institutions. The presentation of the Prado treasures at the Hermitage museum started the Spain-Russia year from February to May. This new exchange is an original way to make the public discover the collections from the most famous museums of the international scene.

News source: Art Media Agency

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