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In St. Petersburg after restoration the historical mosaic panel is opened

In St. Petersburg after restoration the historical mosaic panel is opened

On May 12 on a facade of the building of the St. Petersburg state institute of cinema and television after restoration the mosaic panel "Jesus Blessing Adolescents" was open. The governor Georgy Poltavchenko participated in a ceremony.
As Georgy Poltavchenko emphasized, the return of this mosaic panel, masterpiece of domestic art, a unique event in life of St. Petersburg. "It is a work of the well-known workshop of Frolov in which did mosaics for the most beautiful buildings of our city, such as the Church of the Savior on Blood and Singer House. And this panel doesn't concede to them on beauty", the governor said.
The panel was considered many years irrevocably lost, in the 20th years of the XX century it was painted over. The governor thanked the rector of institute of cinema and television, Alexander Evmenov, employees and students of higher education institution that they promoted restoration of a masterpiece. Georgy Poltavchenko addressed special words of gratitude to restorers who carefully and laboriously worked on a reconstruction of mosaics, and also to staff of the Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks. KGIOP included this panel in the address program of restoration and accompanied performance of work.
Georgy Poltavchenko expressed confidence that soon this house on Pravdy Street, 13, will be specified in all tourist routes of St. Petersburg.
Upon termination of a ceremony the Bishop of Tsarskoye Selo Markell in concelebration of the prior of Smolny Cathedral of the Archpriest Pyotr (Mukhin) carried out a prayer and "Jesus blessing adolescents" consecrated an icon.

The building on Pravdy St., 13 where the St. Petersburg state institute of cinema and television has now settled down, is a monument of architecture of federal value. It builds on the project of professor of architecture A.N. Pomerantsev in 1898-1901 as Uchilishchny council of the Synod and model parish school with the temple in memory of the Emperor Alexander III. The church bore a name of Alexander Nevsky.
The temple facade sustained in "the Russian style" is decorated by a mayolikovy decor and mosaic multifigured compositions on biblical evangelical scenes. The biggest mosaic panel "Jesus blessing adolescents", his size of 6,6 by 8,4 meters. Mosaic polikhromny panels are executed in V.A. Frolov's workshop. Long time of a mosaic were painted over.
Restoration was carried out within the Address program of KGIOP.

News source: Administration of St. Petersburg

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