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VII International Congress of Culture in St. Petersburg

VII International Congress of Culture in St. Petersburg

On June 5, 2015 at Hermitage Theater of St. Petersburg opening of the VII International Petrovsky congress "Petrovsky monuments to Russia and Europe took place: studying, preservation, cultural tourism" in which took part the deputy minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alla Manilova, the vice governor of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Kirillov, the deputy plenipotentiary envoy of the Russian Federation President in the Northwest federal district Lyubov Sovershayeva, the honourable citizen of St. Petersburg Daniil Granin.
The congress will last three days during which the questions connected with complex studying of a phenomenon of Petrovsky monuments, the problems of their muzeefikation, protection, restoration and involvement in routes of cultural tourism will be discussed.
More than 300 experts from the different countries will take part in the work of the congress, among them the head of Institute of Peter the Great, the director of Fund of D.S.Likhacheva Alexander Kobak (St. Petersburg); the senior research associate of the St. Petersburg institute of history of the Russian Academy of Sciences Natalia Korsakova (St. Petersburg), the employee of the Center of Maurice Albvaks of School of the highest social researches Irina Guzevich (France) managing Peter I's House museum in Tallinn Maria Smorzhevskikh-Smirnov (Estonia), the representative of Institute of general history of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Italy Mikhail Talalai, the director of the Zaandamsky museum Jan Hovers (Netherlands), professor of University Sorbonne Fransin-Dominique Lishtenan (France), the director of Armory Matthias Pfaffenbikhler (Austria).
The VII International Petrovsky congress will come to the end with the flower-laying to Peter I's grave dated for day of its birth.

The international Petrovsky congresses dated for birthday of Peter the Great (it is noted on June 9), pass in St. Petersburg annually.
Their purpose comprehensive study of the Petrovsky era and its heritage, drawing attention to a problem of preservation of Petrovsky monuments, expansion of cooperation of the Russian and European establishments of science, education and culture.
As organizers of the congresses the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Committee on culture of St. Petersburg, the State Hermitage, the State memorial estate "Peterhof", the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, Institute of cultural programs, Peter the Great's Institute, Fund of D.S.Likhacheva act.

News source: Administration of St. Petersburg

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