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Opera in 2 actions

Libretto by G.Bizety
After story Prosper Merime

Act I

Scene 1

On the urban area in Seville, at tobacco factory, the sentry post has settled down. Here in searches of the groom Hose comes Micaela. Change of sentry. The bell announces a break at factory. Occurs Carmen. Temperamental and courageous, she has got used to dominate above all. The meeting with Hose wakens in it(her) passion. Her song of free love - sounds as a call Hose, and the bouquet, given by her promises love. The arrival the bride Hose Micaela on time covers an image Carmen. Hose recollects native house, mother, being betraid to light dreams. And again Carmen breaks calmness. This time she appears guilty in quarrel at factory, and Hose should deliver her in prison. But the magic Carmen is strong. In love in her, Hose breaks the order and helps Carmen to run.

Scene 2

In a snackbar Lilas-Pastya fun in heat. This place of secret meetings of the people of smuggling, in which takes part and Carmen. Together with the girlfriends Phraskita and Mersedes she will carry out leisure in songs and dances. The desired visitor of an institution - toreador Escamilio. He is always cheerful, is self-assured and is courageous. The life him is complete of alarms, the struggle on arena, but sweet award to the hero - glory and love of the beautiful women is dangerous.

The visitors leave a snackbar. Under a cover of night the people of smuggling Dankairo and Remendado are going on a risky craft. This time Carmen refuses to go with them. She waits for the friend. In a snackbar - the agreed place of appointment - comes Hose, but the pleasure of their meeting is short-term. The military pipe calls him in the soldier's house. The passion struggles with the debt in soul Hose. Carmen in fury: the service for the soldier appears more important, than her love. Unexpectedly there is Tsuniga — a chief Hose, he hopes for favour Carmen. Between the contenders there is a fight. The military oath is broken, the way to returning in the soldier's house is cut off. Hose remains with Carmen to begin new life, complete alarms and dangers.

Act II

Scene 3

At the deaf night in mountains the people of smuggling have arranged halt. With them Carmen and Hose. But the collision in snackbar is not forgotten. The distinction between fond is too great. Dreaming about quiet life of the peasant, Hose suffers from change to a duty, from melancholy on the native house. Only passionate love to Carmen keeps him in camp of the people of smuggling. But Carmen any more does not love Hose, having dug between them is inevitable. Something will be told her by cards? To the girlfriends they have predicted happiness, only Carmen the destiny does not promise to pleasure: she read in cards the mortal verdict. With deep grief she(it) reflects on the future. It suddenly comes Escamilio - hastens on appointment with Carmen. Hose blocks to him a way. Jealousy and indignation flash in soul of the soldier. Carmen stops a duel of the contenders. At this moment Hose notices Micaela, which fearlessly was in camp of the people of smuggling to withdraw Hose. But he does not heed her words. Only brought Micaela news about fatal illness of the mother forces Hose. To leave Carmen. But meeting them ahead...

Scene 4

The area in Seville is complete of the people. They with impatience expect a beginning of fight of the bulls. Is noisy and joyfully they welcome procession of the heroes of fight of the bulls headed by the general hero Escamilio. Welcomes him and Carmen. Phraskita and Mersedes warn Carmen about imminent danger, behind he) is persistent watches Hose. But Carmen does not listen to them, she directs in a circus. Hose stops her. He implores Carmen all to overlook, to leave with him, speaks her about the love, at last, threatens. Hose does not trust, that she has stopped loving. But the answer Carmen is relentless: between them all is finished. Having broken with a finger a ring, the gift Hose, Carmen throws him away. In despair Hose snatches out a knife... «Free was born - free to die», — is proud throws Carmen in the person Hose. By death she asserts freedom.

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