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Fantastic ballet in 2 acts

Music by A.ADAN.
Set Designer-State Prize Laureate of Moldova V.OKUNEV
Ballet teachers: Honoured artist of Russia L.Klimova,
Honoured artist of Karelia E.Pavlova, N.Tagunov,
Honoured artist of Russia A.Sidorov, State Prize Laureate, Honoured artist of Russia S.Sheina

Act I

A young count Albert is in love with Giselle. He is dressed in peasant's clothes and Giselle takes him for a youth from the neighbouring village. Hans is also in love with Giselle. He tries to make her realise that Albert is not the person he gives himself out to be. But Giselle doesn't want to listen to him. Hans gets into the house where the young count changes his clothes and finds Albert's sword with his coat of arms. The sounds of the horn proclaim the approach of hunters. Among them Batilda, Albert's bride, and her father. Batilda is charmes with Giselle and gives her a present - a necklace. Hans appears in the middle of the peasant's festival. He accuses Albert of deception and shows the sword as an evidence of his real origin. Giselle doesn't believe Hans. Then Hans blows the horn and the confused Albert meets his bride. Heart broken Giselle goes out of her mind.

Act II

Midnight. Hans comes to Giselle's graveyard. Villies keep getting out of their graves and he runs away. They make everybody who appears at the cemetery dance to death. Mirta, the leader of the villies, calls the shadow of Giselle from the grave. Since this moment she becomes one of the villies too. Albert comes to the grave of Giselle.

Seeing him in despair and grief Giselle forgives him. Meanwhile, villies are chasing Hans, catch him and throw him down into the lake. Now the same fate awaits Albert. Giselle asks Mirta to set Albert free but villies are merciless. The chiming clock is heard far away. With the rising sun villies lose all their power. Albert is safe and forgiven. Giselle disappears in the mist of approaching dawn.

(c) 2000