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Romantic ballet in 2 acts

Libretto by A.NURRI and F.TAGIONI
Choreography by A.BURNONVIL
Production - Elza Marianna fon ROZEN (Sweden)
Repetitors: Honoured artist of Russia L.KLIMOVA, J.KUKS,
Honoured artist of Russia A.SIDOROV, State Prize Laureate,
Honoured artist of Russia S.SHEINA
Set Design - S.Solomko
Costume Design - O.Vinogradov
Advisers of the performance - Allan Fridertsia (Denmark), Y.Slonimsky
Assistant Choreographer - E.Vinogradova

James, fiance of the young Effy, slumbers near the fire-place. Sylphide appears. She flies about James and wakes him up with the kiss. James wants to catch her but she escapes. James is dreaming about wonderful Sylphide. A wicked sorcerer Medj comes to foretell future. She predicts that James will not marry Effy. James shows the door to the wicked sorcerer. She nurses a grievance against James. During a wedding party Sylphide appears again. Only James is able to see her. Sylphide steals his engagement ring and escapes.

The Magic forest. The wicked sorcerer practises sorcery. She has a limpid scarf in her hands. James appears. He tries to find Sylphide. Suddenly she appears again. Medj offers to James the magic scarf in order to charm imperceptible Sylphide. James puts this scarf upon her shoulders, but Sylphide dies. James moumes over dead Sylphide and the wedding celebration is being held far off - his bride Effy married Giurn...

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