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Opera in 2 acts

Production-State Prize Laureate, People Artist of Russia Stanislav GAUDASSINSKY
Musical director and Conductor A.ANIKHANOV Conductor - Russian competition laureate M.KUKUSHKIN
Designer - Honoured Artist of Russia V.VOLSKY
Choreography of Polovets Dances-Honoured Artist of Russia-K.GOLEIZOVSKY
Restoration of choreography-Honoured Artist of Russia V.VASILIEVA-GOLEIZOVSKAYA
State Prize Laureate, Honoured Artist of Republic Komi V.MIAGKOV
Chorus master-Honoured artist of Russia A.CHERNOV
Costume designer - R.VOLSKY
Director-Honoured artist of Russia A.BASHLOVKIN


A crowd in the town of Putivl waits for Prince Igor. Prince Igor and his men-at-arms want to undertake a campaign against the Polovtsi. Prince Igor discusses with princes the chosen way to meet his enemies. The crowd honours Prince Igor and his host with songs. A sudden solar eclipse is taken by people as a bad omen. Everybody advises Igor to put off his campaign. But Igor has a strong belief in his good cause-the defence of Rus. It's his sacred duty as well as the duty of all Russian warriors.

Skula and Yeroshka, two warrors secretly leave the host. Yaroslavna bids farewell to her husband Prince Igor begging him not to take the field: she has a presentiment of disaster. Prince comforts her and asks Prince Vladimir Galitsky, Yaroslavna's brother, to take care of her.

With the blessing of the venerable old man Prince Igor, his son Vladimir and the host set out against the Polovtsi.

Act I

Scene 1

Merry men sing the praise of Prince Vladimir Galitsky. Skula and Yeroshka entertain the drunken company. Prince Vladimir likes to revel away the time but he needs more wealth and more power. His dream is to take Prince Igor's seat.

Two girls come to complain to Galitsky: some of his men have stolen a girl, their friend. But Galitsky drives them away. Skula and Yeroshka together with drunkards plan a conspiracy: to put Galitsky on Igor's throne.

Scene 2

Yaroslavna keeps worrying: there's no news of Prince Igor and his men-at-arms. She is full of sorrow.

The girls come to her to complain of Galitsky and his men. Yaroslavna expresses her dissatisfaction with his behaviour, but Galitsky speaks defiantly. He threatens to remove Prince Igor.

Boyars come to break the news: the Russian host is defeated, Igor and his son are taken captives. The alarm bell warns of danger: the Polovtsi are approaching.

Act II

Scene 3

In the camp of the Polovtsi. The Polovtsi girls sing and dance for Khan Konchak's daughter. But she keeps dreaming about her meeting with the captive Prince Vladimir. The beloved-Prince and Konica’s daughter express their love tenderly and passionately. Prince Igor can't sleep; he feels the shame of his defeat. For him death is preferable to captivity He knows that the Polovtsi have invaded the Russian land causing grief and devastation.

Ovlur, a christened Polovets, offers to help Prince Igor to escape. But Igor refuses to take this inglorious road.

Khan Konchak appears. He treats his prisoner Prince Igor with due respect and tries to make him his ally. He promises to set Igor free on condition that Igor doesn't raise his sword against the Polovtsi. Igor declares that as soon as he is free he will assemble his men-at-arms again to fight against Khan Konchak. Obeying Konchak's order Khan's captives dance for him and Prince Igor.

Scene 4

Yaroslavna weeps for her husband. She doesn't hore to see him again. She asks the sun, the river Dnieper to tell her of Igor's fate. In the distance she sees two horsemen and recognized Prince Igor in one of them.

Skula and Yeroshka, fearing punishment for their betrayal resort to cunning: they are the first to strike the bell and spread joyful news of Igor's return. People honour him with songs. Another solar eclipse portends new disasters for the Russian land.

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