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“JEWELLAND” is the guarantee of high quality of jewellery and its originality: from the exclusive collection of world manufactures to the jewellery manufactured by company’s masters.

Based on the goal to activate and extend business, learn how to form customers’ demand, expand assortment to the maximum and react fast to the market changes, “JEWELLAND” founded its own production in 2001. Up-to-date equipment was acquired and experienced masters-jewellers were invited to work for the company. Their professionalism lets the “JEWELLAND” produce high quality jewellery of any complexity.

The strategy of development led the company to the organisation of its regional retail chain in 2003. Nowadays “JEWELLAND” has its own shop in Kolpino and sections in central department stores of Vyborg and Kirishy. The assortment includes jewellery that is constantly demanded by the wide range of customers.

Jewellery business is not only production and trade, it is fine art and … style of life.

Addresses of the “JEWELLAND” shops:

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