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Molodezhny Theatre on Fontanka

On the bank of the Fontanka river, in the shade of old trees of the Ismailovsky Garden the Youth Theatre is situated, one of the best in Petersburg speaking of the atmosphere and love of the audience. Created in 1980 by Vladimir Malyschitsky it claimed to be a theatre of innovative direction, in opposition to the authorities, definitely a social and political theatre. In 1993 the head of the theatre became E. Padve, director striving for modern psychological drama and for bright musical shows, at the same time he was far away from the Soviet official themes. The real peak of the theatre’s activity is connected with Semyon Spivak who joined the theatre in 1989. The theatre started touring and participating in festivals. Spivak attracted the best stage directors to work in the Youth Theatre: R. Viktiuk, V. Tumanov, V. Vetrogonov, A. Galibin. The Youth Theatre draws the audience like a magnet. The theatre is always full, and long lasting applause and encore after the show is a regular event there. The highly professional troupe thoroughly trained by Spivak acts with inspiration and joy.

Semyon Spivak is an outstanding Russian stage director, The Honored Arts Figure of Russia, Artistic Director of the Youth Theatre on the Fontanka. Spivak brought to St Petersburg stage such a powerful lyrical attitude that all his shows make the audience admire the talent of such power and depth. Being the advocate of his characters Spivak tries to understand human behavior under the most incredible and unpredictable circumstances, he finds something bright and kind in the most hopeless and gloomy. Spivak’s shows are like white verse: a prize winner of the Russian and international festivals. The favorite of St Petersburg audience. During the last years his shows twice became the leaders of the audience’s sympathies: in 1988 – Marquise De Sad after play by Y. Misima, in 1999 – Swallow after play by A. Tolstoy.

Address:144, Nab. Reki Fontanki
Subway (Metro):Tehnologichesky Institut

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