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Comedian's Refuge Drama Theatre

The theatre has been founded in 1987 by the actor of the Major Drama Theatre Yuri Tomoshevsky with G.A. Tovstonogov's blessing. Besides solo plays, which make up the main part of its repertory, the theatre has started to rehearse more "densely populated" plays. A closely tied team of young actors with common professional views has been formed here. Yuri Tomoshevsky has already staged ten plays by now, he has invited well-known actors from the city's other theatres. The theatre's main goal is the continuation of the city's cultural traditions, the scenic embodiment of pieces of the world's art, both well-known and forgotten.

Over the period of the theatre's existence, it has formed a well-defined audience of completely different ages, backgrounds and professions. The plays are highly evaluated by Russian and international critics on a steady basis. The theatre has received first awards at St. Petersburg theatre studio festivals for its plays "The Ivanovs' Christmas Party" (1990) and "Medeia" (1992), the Golden Melpomene award for "The Old Woman" and "The Glorious St. Petersburg" (1989). It has become a laureate of the Solo Play Festival in the city of Perm for four years in a row (1989-92), and a laureate of the "Silver Age" Festival in Orel for its play "The Glorious St. Petersburg" in 1995.

The theatre has participated in international festivals in Torun and Poznan, Poland and Antwerp, Belgium. It has toured Sweden. Radio programs about this theatre have been aired in the U.S., Germany, France, Austria and Poland.

"Comedian's Refuge's" staff:

Z. Sharko, A. Demianenko, I. Krasko, S. Landgraf, I. Shibanov, E. Kamenetsky, I. Mokeyev, I. Tikhonenko, N. Andreyeva, V. Vinogradova, E. Goldobina, N. Inozemtseva, A. Melnikova, N. Nesterova, A. Oding, S. Pismichenko, V. Bychkov, I. Volkov, A. Dezhonov, S. Dreiden, O. Melnik, N. Smirnov, O. Sokolov, A. Falileyev, Yu. Chulkov.

Address:27, Sadovaya Street; 16, Malaya Morskaya Street
Subway (Metro):Sennaya Ploschad
Tel:+ 7 (812) 312 5352;+ 7 (812) 310 3309
Fax:+ 7 (812) 310 1083

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