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Comic Trest Theatre

In 1991 the "Comic Trest" Theatre Association has been formed in St. Petersburg. It has premiered with a play titled "Nonsense in a Tuxedo" directed by Vadim Fisson. Afterwards, it has gone on its first tour to Poland. In 1992 "Comic Trest" became a laureate of the "Imagination Celebration" theatre festival in Colorado Springs, U.S.A. Its actors have become honorary citizens of Colorado Springs. The stage contest titled "Under the Roofs of St. Petersburg" has awarded the group with prizes in the best directing and best young actors category. It has received the "most cheerful play" prize at the St. Petersburg Festival of Theatre Studios. Natalia Fisson has been awarded with the "most striking actress" prize at the same festival.

At the end of the year, "Nonsense in a Tuxedo" has been named one of the year's three top plays by theatre critics. In 1993 the group has performed in Germany for the first time at the Chameleon (Berlin) and Schmitz (Hamburg) festivals. It has toured Switzerland. It has received "the most eccentric play" prize at the "Berezil-93" international festival in Ukraine. Natalia Fisson has been awarded the "best female role" prize at the International Festival of the Baltic States. "Comic Trest" has participated in the Chameleon festival in Berlin in 1994. It has subsequently toured the cities of Switzerland once again. During 1994-96 Vadim and Natalia Fisson have been working in Germany in one of Europe's top shows, "Pomp Duck and Circumstance", as director and actress. The theatre has performed in Munich, Stuthart, Cologne and Berlin among other cities.

In 1996 "Comic Trest"'s renewed troupe has performed in a concert program in Imatra, Finland. In 1997 the play titled "Second Hand" has premiered (director Vadim Fisson, chief artist Boris Petrushansky). The group has participated in the "St. Petersburg Days" program in Warsaw. A play has been shown at the "Camerata-Transit" festival in Chelyabinsk. The theatre has become laureate of the "Christmas Parade" theatre festival in St. Petersburg. First performances of the "Adrenaline" project took place during this time.

In 1998 the cabaret show "Naphtaline" has premiered in St. Petersburg. The group has received the Grand Prize at the "Lambushka" festival in Petrozavodsk for "Second Hand". It has gone on a tour to Hannover, Germany. Natalia Fisson has received the Marie Claire magazine prize. The group has participated in a joint project with "Adam's Apple" studio called "We Speak Russian". In 1999 it has performed at the International Fireworks Festival in Hannover. It has participated in the Limburg Theatre Festival in Holland and in the "Haaste Tone" festival in Belgium.

"Comic Trest" has organized and participated in the following events:

Presentations at NTV Plus, the Adamant Interior Design Club, T. Parfenova's Fashion House, etc.;

Openings of Crystal Palace movie theatre, Sky Line business centre, the Snark store, "Stray Dog" Cultural Centre, etc.;

Corporate festivals of GSM, American Power Conversion, Drezdner Bank, SPIBA, Inkombank, Oriflame, Vodokanal, Alphabank, Advert, Cabrio, etc.;

Contests and festivals: Smirnoff Fashion Festival, "Long Live Russian Cinema" movie festival, "Message to the Human", the Kharms Festival, etc.

It has participated in the following T.V. shows: "Adam's Apple", "New Year's Fire", "Art Fire", "One Evening", "T.V. Messenger", "Signs of the Zodiac", "The Night Express", "No Smoking", "The Stalker", "L. Senchina's Benefit", and others.

Tours of the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Finland and the Netherlands.

"Comic Trest" has performed in "Rossiya" Concert Hall, in Moscow's Cinema House and Actors' House, in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall, in Giant Hall, in "Olympia", in the St. Petersburg Music Hall, in the Lensoviet Cultural Centre, in "Hollywood Nights", in the Chaplin Club and at many other locations in Russia.

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