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Open Theatre

It has been established in 1933 and until 1961 it bore the name of the New Theatre. Actual new trends in the theatre's life have appeared in 1961, when I.P. Vladimirov stepped up as its artistic director. His plays polished up the talents of a number of brilliant actors, such as A. Freundlich, Z. Sharko, L. Malevannaya, E. Solovey, G. Zzhenova, L. Dyachkova, A. Petrenko and M. Boyarsky. By its 50th anniversary the theatre has been awarded the Red Banner of Labour order. The period when this theatre's talented musical plays have gathered full audiences, now seems to be in the times past, and it is not yet clear what will become of the theatre.

The building in the Classical style has been designed by the architect A.A. Mikhailov and constructed in 1826-28 as a private mansion of the Korsakov family. During the 1840's structures containing today's Main Audience Hall (916 seats) and the Minor Lobby were added to it. A merchants' club has been located in the building during the 1860's. The Minor Hall contains 150 seats.

Address:12, Vladimirsky Prospect
Subway (Metro):Dostoevskaya
Tel:+ 7 (812) 113 2191

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