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Two-room apartment

Tworoom apartment Griboedova kanal

Right around the corner from Nevsky prospect. The apartment is exquisitely located between "Church of the Resurrection" and the world famous "Russian Museum" of fine arts on one side, and "Kazan Cathedral" on the other, literally 1 minute walk away from the Nevsky Prospect metro station. The bedroom (16 sq.m) has a double bed while a coach in the living room (12 sq.m.) can accommodate one more couple. Bathroom is equipped with shower cabin, autonomic water heater. Suite is housed on the 2nd floor, secure entrance from the courtyard.

Number of rooms:Two rooms
Address:Griboedova kanal
Subway (Metro):Gostinny Dvor (Browse map)
Tel:+7 (812) 303-90-22

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