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Three-room apartment

This generously sized 3-bedroom apartment is situated on the 3rd floor of a 6-storey building on St. Petersburg’s main street, Nevsky Prospekt. The bedrooms are 31, 19 and 14 sq. meters in area and each sleep 2 people comfortably. The kitchen is a spacious 10.5 sq. meters in size and comes equipped with a top-quality gas stove, refrigerator, coffee maker, washing machine, dishwasher, TV with local and satellite channels and VCR. The bathroom covers an area of 4.5 sq. meters and contains a bath and washbasin. Access to the apartment is through a courtyard and a coded building door, then a double apartment door. Parking space is available.

Number of rooms:Three rooms
Address:Nevsky prospect
Subway (Metro):Nevsky Prospect (Browse map)
Tel:+7 (812) 303-8561, 303-9022

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