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Two-room apartment

A spacious apartment with new euro-standard renovation.

It features a living room with the kitchen block (40m2/430sq.ft), a bedroom (252/269sq.ft), a hall (7m2/75sq.ft), and two WC units.

The entrance to the apartment block is from the street through the coded building door.

Beds: 2 (a double bed in the bedroom).

Utilities: color TV, phone, refrigerator, washing machine (no dryer), and dishwasher.

The floor in heated in the kitchen and bathroom. Cleaning twice a week is included into the price.

The apartment is located in 3 minutes walk from the Neva embankment;

7 minutes walk from the Palace square and the Hermitage museum.

The nearest metro station is "Nevsky Prospect".

Number of rooms:Two rooms
Address:Millionnaya ul.
Subway (Metro):Nevsky Prospect (Browse map)
Tel:+7 (812) 303-90-22

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